Welcome to the Manaiakalani Cybersmart Challenge Blog!

This platform is designed to provide teachers and students with a series of challenges aimed at deepening their understanding of cybersmart learning. The challenges are aligned with the Manaiakalani Cybersmart Curriculum and are intended to be worked on independently by students with teacher support.

Each challenge is sorted into different categories of cybersmart learning and is designed to emulate some of the content that might be covered throughout the year in the classroom. The challenges are specifically created for a Chromebook classroom environment, providing students with the opportunity to use technology in a meaningful and engaging way.

The Manaiakalani pedagogy of Learn, Create, Share is at the heart of each challenge, encouraging students to engage in meaningful and authentic learning experiences. Each challenge comes with a video from a Manaiakalani Facilitator, which provides an overview of the task and its objectives. Students will then complete the tasks and share their work on their own blog, giving them the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding and reflect on their learning. So get ready to dive into the world of cybersmart learning and join us on this exciting journey!

You can find more Cybersmart resources at the Manaiakalani Cybersmart site here at cybersmart.manaiakalani.org.